Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Low Fat Bran Muffins

LOVE these muffins for breakfast!!! Two muffins and a banana and I am filled up all morning!  I got this recipe from a cookbook that was a gift from Adam's Grandma.  


  1. Hi Ashley! It's great to see another blogger from church. I can see I'm going to enjoy your recipes. :)

  2. Your husband sent me over - what a cute blog! I blog over at I have a link party that starts tonight and runs all weekend, hope to see you over there. :)

    Following you now ~
    Happy Hour Projects

    1. Thanks! I am new at blogging... what is a link party and how do I participate?

    2. Ashley,
      I'm not sure if Adrianne responded but a link party is a place where you can put links to your recent posts and other bloggers jump around to visit you. It's a great way to get your blog out and meet new people. If you have questions about blogging, I'm more than willing to help you out :)

  3. I love bran muffins, and I typically use a recipe from Mike's mom but it's full of so much junk that it pretty much negates the healthiness of the bran. I'll definitely be trying this recipe.

  4. Did you use all purpose flour?